Birthdays are a wonderful thing, most of the time, well all of the time actually. My birthday and my sister-in-law’s birthday are two days apart so we planned a little outing to celebrate. We both are at the point in our lives where we have enough “stuff”, in fact she and my brother are in the process of downsizing to a smaller house, reducing the amount of “stuff” in their lives. So, for our birthdays, we went to a new nursery in Tomball called Arbor Gate. We both love to garden and sis was in the market for a new fountain and I am always in the market for new herbs, art and photographs. We had a lovely lunch after and it was a wonderful day. I think this will be a new tradition, giving experiences as gifts.

Bird House

Arbor gate offers many interesting bird houses, this gothic house caught my eye.

Lilies at Arbor Gate

Beautiful lilies offer color, texture and height to the garden.


Arbor Gate sells pots of every color and size.

Table and chairs

A colorful table and chair set can brighten any patio or balcony.


Metal sunflower sculptures create a whimsical garden.

Garden Space

A peaceful sitting area calms the soul.


Statues are a favorite in our garden and this face captured me.


A fountain similar to the one my sister-in-law bought for her garden.

Blue chairs

Cobalt blue is my favorite color in the garden. Maybe it's our heat, but I love blue pots, art, chairs and flowers in our Houston garden.

Madalene Hill Sign

Rosemary honoring Texas Herbalist Madalene Hill

Learn more about Madalene Hill

All photos taken by Marla Cloud Molony for Cloud Stone Garden

Visit Arbor Gate seven days a week.