Herbal bouquets

Herbs are wonderful in mixed bouquets. The tall vases in the back contain rosemary, indigo spires salvia, pineapple sage and one red rose. The small glass bowl looks lovely with fresh thyme and sage cascading over the sides.

Herbs are what I love to grow the most. They are remarkable plants that offer beautiful aroma, wonderful taste and healing powers. Herbs can also bring a fresh scent and delicate beauty when cut and arranged alone, or with flowers, and placed around your home. I often cut a few sprigs of rosemary and place them in a small pitcher or vase and set it on my bathroom counter. It keeps the bathroom smelling fresh and clean. Rosemary stays fresh in water for about a week, longer than some flowers will last. When you are done using them for decoration, just throw the herbs in your pasta sauce, what could be better than that?

The spiky, red flowers of pineapple sage, the orange flowers of my Mexican mint marigold, purple salvia and lavender and of course, my trusty rosemary, all make wonderful additions to any fresh arrangement I bring into the house or take to the market.

Here are a few links offering tips and suggestions for using herbs in arrangements and bouquets.